Kooboard - Koowheel 2nd Gen Electric Skateboard


Kooboard – Koowheel 2nd Gen Electric Skateboard




  • New Remote
  • New mainboard
  • New Motors & Wheels
  • New ONYX deck & Grip Tape
  • New Intelligent Battery system
  • And More…

The Remote:
Redesigned with Ergonomic structure with a new PCB for Smoother Acceleration & Braking and very stable Bluetooth connection.
It features Lights & vibration to indicate power & connection status.

The Main Board:
Maybe the most stable mainboard for electric skateboard
Features a new DC Charger port, with a new sturdier PCB housing.

The Wheels and Motors: Max Speed 26 mph
New 350W Brushless Hub Motors in 2 x 97MM Replaceable PU wheels. 
Unique wheel design to aid in dispersing heat from motors for longer and cooler run-time.

The Battery:
New and improved battery connectors.
Intelligent battery controls protects the battery from being over-charged by regenerative braking.
Charges in 2-3 hours.

What’s in the Box:
2x Extra rear wheel kit
1x UL Certificated Wall Charger
1x DC port Charger adapter
1x Customized skate T Tool
1x Remote, with USB charging cable
1x User Manual

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 10 × 5 in

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